Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Social Media Habits & Body Positivity

I’ve touched on the subject of body image, and how body positivity can turn sour before; since then, I’ve discovered a whole new aspect to social media, in which women support other women being put down on particular accounts in the name of body positivity. The accounts sole purpose are to ‘reveal the truth’ on celebrities and women, by posting their best pictures and their un-deited ‘worst’ pictures side by side, in order for other women in the comment section to ridicule them and subsequently feel better about themselves.

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The Ritz, Rome- A Luxury Hotel Review ★★★☆☆

The Hotel Ritz is a hotel chain known by many, particularly amongst travellers and those who are fans of luxury and high society. However, my stay at the Grand Hotel Ritz Roma only reminded me that a grand price tag and reputation, doesn’t always equal a grand service.

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My Rose Gold Beauty Gift Guide- With Civion Jewellery

Some could say that Rose Gold is an acquired taste, considering most prefer the classic gold or silver. However, I think Rose Gold jewellery is the perfect choice as it not only looks great with any design but against every skin tone. If you’re looking for a sparkling Rose Gold piece for Valentines day or a little February treat for yourself, here’s a quick guide to my favourite Rose Gold Pieces.

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