Seven Lifesaving Tips For University Students

Report Damages In Your Accommodation

When you first move into student halls, report any damages to walls or furniture  that you see in your room immediately. This way, there’s a record of these problems so they can never accuse you of causing them. Taking pictures of the damages at the start of the year will also prevent endless and tiring arguments when you move out, and are unable to get your deposit back.

Master The Art Of Referencing
Do your referencing as you go along. Trust me, trying to get it all done at the end won’t work- it’ll just take twice as long and you’ll forget multiple sources. Don’t forget to list your references in alphabetical order from the start so you don’t have to re-organise it two minutes before your deadline. This is the site I use to do my referencing that I recommend to everyone; I’ve never gotten it wrong before. By the way, Wikipedia still doesn’t count as a valid source, save yourself the embarrassment and avoid it completely.
Learn How To Budget

If you can, ask a parent or guardian to withdraw all of your student loan money as it comes through so you aren’t tempted to treat yourself to some ‘retail therapy’ that you know you definitely don’t need. They can then give you an agreed amount of that money each week for you to live off of. Not only will this teach you important budgeting skills that’ll prove to be valuable when you’re living only off of your own pay check, but you’ll never be the friend that’s starving, counting down the days until the next loan instalment because they bought themselves a new games console.

Be Smart With Your Reading List

Do not buy your books at the start of the year. About a month in you’ll realise your teachers are only using three out of the fifty books that they put on the reading list, saving you a lot of time and a lot more money. On top of this, check your local library (the one in your home city), for the books you need. You’ll be able to borrow books for much longer at those libraries than you can at your library on campus.

Hold Back On Big Purchases
No, you don’t need that new tv or games console; bring the one you have from home. I assure you, you won’t need to buy all new baking equipment, you won’t have the time or energy to use them. Don’t invest in all new trainers and gym clothes. I promise you, if you didn’t go before, you won’t be going now.
Be Prepared

Student halls are notorious for their late night/early morning fire alarms. Make sure you have your dressing gown and a pair of shoes within arms reach so you’re not the last person to exit the building with your pyjama top inside out… it happens.

Drink Responsibly
Please, please, please, don’t mix your alcohol. It won’t be fun for you, your body or the people who have to drag you home.

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