Whether you favour modern holidays in luxury hotels and beach resorts, or you prefer beautifully historic holiday destinations and staying in the comfort of a cosy apartment- Rhodes is an island that provides the best of both worlds, and a holiday experience that cater’s to everyone’s preferences. The old and new towns that are easily accessible through frequent public transport, not only fulfils the need of every enthusiastic shopper, (I’m talking three Sephora’s in one area) but also transforms the already beautiful greek street and castle ruins into an endless market where you can shop, eat, dance and sight-see for hours- if not days.

I spent a fortnight on the small, Greek island, discovering everything it had to offer; from small-scale boutiques offering hand made jewellery to the brightest blue-green Peacocks who didn’t shy away from attention. Whilst the old town and new town are located on the opposite sides of the island to many of the other attractions, there’s an unlimited amount of small tour companies who offer boat rides to other parts of the island in which you can visit a Butterfly park and many other monastery ruins. The people of Rhodos are beyond friendly, complimentary, humble and full of smiles which may be unimportant to some, but only increased my desire to return as my stay was extremely comfortable.

Whilst the new town is most popular by day, more so by locals more than tourists, the old town comes to life at night with live entertainers, street artists and crowds of people filling the cobblestone streets and encircling the ‘DaVinci’ ice cream parlour (10/10 recommend, I went three times). One of the highlights of my stay was meeting a woman named Alexandra who owned several apartments that she rented out. Not only were these well located, tucked between two stores in the old town market, but were the most beautiful, vibrant apartments I’ve ever seen. Whilst I didn’t get a chance to stay in one of her apartments due to a late discovery, If I’m ever to return to the Island, it’ll be the first place I go to! Other amazing attractions include Palace of the Grand Master and The Temple of Athena & Zeus.

Here are some shots I took during my stay…


Posted by:Alexandria

Alexandria is a nineteen year old student, living and studying in the bustling city of London. When she's not studying; you're sure to find her travelling, writing, discovering new cuisines & dancing the night away.

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