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Five Things You Ought To Remember In Your Twenties

It’s official, the last of the 90’s babies have grown up and are entering real life adulthood. During the upcoming year, the last of us 1999 kids will being entering our twenties and kissing our sweet, teenage years goodbye. For those of us who have already been mingling with people beyond their teen years (and I’m not just talking family members), the experience may not be so daunting. However, for those of you who are dreading reaching the big 20 or 21, and aren’t quite sure how things will be different for you, here are a few lessons every lady entering her twenties should know.

You’ ve now entered the decade of networking

That’s right, the next ten years of your life is going to be jam-packed with meeting new people- and I’m not just talking new friends on a night out, but people who will add value to your professional life and may even help you out along the way. Now more than ever is the right time to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to meet people, who’s connections may benefit you in the long run. Very few people can build success on their own without the support of others.

Self development is key

According to everything we’ve learned from the media, movies or even stories about our friends, friends older sister, your twenties is the time where you’ll have your most notorious romances. My advice? Don’t hold off waiting for ‘the one’, you’re still young and only a quarter of the way through your life. There’s plenty of time for a significant other, but in your early twenties the most serious relationship you’ll have is with yourself. Treat yourself, date yourself; take yourself out for a meal and don’t be afraid to sit at a dinner table alone, enjoying your own company. Take a book or notebook and pen to a coffee shop, treat yourself to some retail therapy. Study, study, study.

You’re going to really get to know yourself

Linking to the previous point, you’ll learn a lot of new things about yourself once you’re thrown into adult scenarios- discovering (fun) things such as alcohol that isn’t a double vodka and coke, and maybe even (not so fun) things like how to change a tire. Your twenties is the perfect time to learn who you truly are without the influence or constant presence of others who don’t know who they are. This is the perfect time to travel; a friend of mine introduced me to a highly recommended company called Contiki which offers trips and travel experiences for 18-35 year olds who wish to explore the world on their own. They ensure that your trip is safe from beginning to end, (with assistance from Contiki team members) and you’re constantly surrounded by others who are much like you: young, adventurous and fun-loving.

Brace yourself for the quarter life crisis

Similar to the mid-life crisis, a quarter life crisis hits twenty-something year olds in the form of ‘why did I choose to study XYZ at university? Now I’m stuck doing this whilst my friends all seem to have promising careers‘. We often fall victim to comparing our lives to the lives of the people around us. We wrongly measure our success against the success that other people our age have managed to achieve, as if there’s a universal timeline for which one has to stick to in order to be successful. The quarter life crisis is bound to bring on waves of anxiety, stress and maybe the impulse to make a drastic decision- whether that be career based or dying your hair neon pink. Seek guidance from close friends or relatives in order to keep your mind stable. Be patient with yourself- people experience life at different paces and reach their full potential at different speeds.

Twenty-something isn’t old

You’re still young! Don’t expect everything to suddenly fall into place or do a complete 180. You’re still going to be dealing with petty, childish drama, but I assure you, adults aren’t as mature as you think- they’re just better at pretending. You’re still going to be asking your parents for advice on what washing machine liquid they recommend, or how to get to insert location here whilst avoiding London’s congestion charge; don’t hold back on asking for help because you’re obsessed with being the independent twenty year old that you see in the movies. Don’t neglect your inner child in exchange for adulthood, watch the occasional disney movie every now and then.

Alexandria is a twenty year old student, living and studying in the bustling city of London. When she's not studying; you're sure to find her travelling, writing, discovering new cuisines & dancing the night away.

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