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Exploring Volcanoes in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Lanzarote is a Spanish Island that sits amongst the Canary Isles of North-West Africa. The rustic, rocky island is known for it’s volcanic landscapes, so of course travelling over, and around volcanoes was the highlight of my trip. The main excursions offered on the island come in the form of volcano tours, in which you’ll come across Camel rides and nerve-wrecking drives up and down the narrow mountainside roads (and breathtaking views if you’re brave enough to look out of the window). 

I definitely found that there was something fascinating and other-worldly about Lanzarote. Perhaps this was because it wasn’t like anywhere I’d previously visited, or maybe because I’ve never curiously asked why a corner of a volcano was sectioned off- promoting a man to shovel tiny volcanic rocks into my hand to show how hot it could get. 

Whilst you can evidence former volcanic eruptions with endless roads of solidified lava on the island, (which is used to make jewellery and other trinkets, 10/10 recommend checking out), Lanzarote was completely safe with all but one volcanoes being dormant. 

Out of all the places that my travels have taken me, Lanzarote definitely had the most variety within the experience; one day you could be driving through mountains, wine tasting and visiting Aloe Vera farms (if that’s your thing), whereas the next you could be exploring sand dunes or even pebbled beaches. There’s literally something for everyone!

Here are a few pictures that I took during my stay…

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