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The Galley- Upper Street, London ★★★★★

I was introduced to The Galley, a contemporary restaurant and bar in Upper Street, Islington by a friend, and it’s safe to say that the food and environment was spectacular. Not only was the food amazing, but so was the service and atmosphere of the restaurant. The restaurant itself was quite misleading as I wasn’t left too exited by the exterior, having never researched or heard of the place prior to my visit. If I were simply passing by without someone who had dined there before, I never would’ve thought to eat there.

I sat outside to enjoy the food due to the restaurant being quite busy inside, and was generally satisfied with the restaurants aesthetic and menu. However, when I momentarily went inside, it was then that I’d discovered the true beauty, layout and open kitchen of the restaurant (and how it was so much bigger than it appears). I truly believe the aesthetic and atmosphere is part of the experience, and knowing now of what lies beyond the outside walls of the restaurant, I’ll definitely request an inside table during my next visit.

The Galley’s menu features a large collection of seafood dishes, both raw and cooked that they are well known for serving. The seafood items on the menu were definitely a winner for me, having ordered and enjoyed a tuna-avocado side dish. Other menu items that you can look forward to ordering are their fresh vegetable side dishes, served on small or large plates that make it easy for you to share. Whilst I can’t speak for their meat dishes as I didn’t order any (pescatarian), I’ve heard great praise about them and from what I’ve seen from the rest of the menu, I don’t doubt that it lives up to the great reviews.

Also, can we talk about the marble table design and the matching marble plates? I was almost prepared to go shopping for my own straight after the meal. Whilst these features are quite modern, the inside of the restaurant/bar is much more ‘retro-chic’- with hanging lights and an array of wall art (was too distracted by the food to take pictures, oops).

Whilst I ordered pasta for lunch (my favourite, and also I couldn’t resist the pistachio garnish), I left feeling light rather than bloated- which is great considering my meal was accompanied by a few glasses of champagne. I didn’t leave with a full stomach, but only because I didn’t order anything heavy- it’s definitely on my to-do list to go back for their dinner service.

The menu is kept modern and up to date, with frequent new dishes making an appearance (I’m posting this a little late, so what I ordered may have been removed already), but this only leaves me wanting to visit more frequently to see what else the chefs have to offer. The Galley also offers a vegan menu and a brunch service, in which their menu features poached eggs, waffles and a ‘bottomless brunch’ (unlimited Prosecco, yes please).

I 100% recommend The Galley as a spot for all foodies to visit in London! Be sure to tell me what you think…

Alexandria is a twenty year old student, living and studying in the bustling city of London. When she's not studying; you're sure to find her travelling, writing, discovering new cuisines & dancing the night away.

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