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Here’s Why Young Women Should Be Travelling More

Travelling is a part of life that many people dream of experiencing one day. However, it’s continuously depicted as either something unattainable for anyone in their youth, that requires bucket-loads of money, or something you can only do once you’ve retired and don’t have much else on your to-do list.

As young people, we see travel through distorted and heavily edited images thanks to the likes of social media, in which we are bombarded by amazing travel photos that make us want to hop on a plane and spend a month in a bikini. Whilst there’s no shame in this as we all want to take pictures to hold onto the memories, we are no longer seeing travel for what it truly is, and how it can enrich and re-shape our lives- but merely as something we get to flaunt to others.

As someone who’s entering their early twenties who has seen more of the world than most adults have, here are a few reasons why I believe travel is important for every young woman.

As young women, we’re under constant pressure to grow up too fast and rush our lives- so much so that we are no longer enjoying every moment, but are constantly preparing for what’s next to come. Our twenties is only a quarter of the way through our entire lifetime, and is often looked at as the transition period into what your life will be. Instead of making life altering decisions at a time where we may not even know what we want for ourselves, travelling is the perfect time-filler in which we can simply enjoy our lives whilst we’re young, healthy and commitment free.

No matter how certain you are of who you are and what you believe in, travelling always peels back another hidden layer and depth to your being that you may have never been aware of. Only through travelling can you really explore yourself and the world, and see things from a completely new perspective. We should be embracing the fact that we as beings aren’t one way or another- we’re constantly developing ourselves and adapting according to our experiences. Without these experiences, we simply stay the same and never improve upon ourselves.

Travelling enables you to develop a type of knowledge that reading or listening to others will never give you; whilst someone can tell you in great detail how a life-changing trip formed who they are today, you’ll never truly understand them by simply listening- only through first hand experiences and discoveries with your own two eyes will this knowledge develop.

Discovering new cultures, languages and ways of life is an invaluable experience that is frequently ignored. We often live in a bubble, completely unaware of what others experience day by day, and books, articles and media will never give us a true depiction of this. Why live in one spot for your entire life and never see what else is out there? Why be an inhabitant of the Earth and never explore what lies beyond the borders of your country?

Travelling teaches you self love, acceptance and a whole new form of confidence. Being in new environments where nobody knows who you are or what you’ve been through in the past is an opportunity to be the version of yourself that you’ve been too afraid of exploring back home. You can do whatever you want without constraints or the fear of failure; this is not only good for your soul but good for your self discovery.

Alexandria is a twenty year old student, living and studying in the bustling city of London. When she's not studying; you're sure to find her travelling, writing, discovering new cuisines & dancing the night away.

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