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Pummarola Drink Ristorante- Rome, Italy (Lobster & Pasta Heaven) ★★★★★

After spending a long day sight-seeing and exploring the Pantheon, (an old Roman temple which is now a stunning church) I was in desperate need of some Italian food, and was willing to eat at literally any restaurant that I came across. However, you may or may not know that even in my hungriest state, I’m still a bit choosy- I don’t eat meat of course, and only eat fish here and there; I rarely eat at empty restaurants; I like comfortable seating (especially because it had just started to rain) and I won’t ever eat at a place that’s right outside of a monument (ridiculous prices). So ya know… not too many requirements…

Pummarola Drink Ristorante was the first restaurant that I came across after heading down a side street, right behind the Pantheon. It sits directly opposite another restaurant that seemed to be busier, however I was lured in by the vacant window seating tables, central heating and free-wifi.

A dramatic pose to celebrate Pasta and Prosecco

We sat towards the back of the restaurant, which was empty when we arrived, but quickly became busy with families and couples. I’d eagerly ordered the Linguine all’astice (‘long flat’ (pasta) with Lobster) whilst my mother ordered the Tagliatelle al tartufo (long flat pasta with black truffle). The food may have taken a while to come, but I think my timing may have been distorted by my grumbling stomach. However, when the food did arrive, I was pleasantly surprised by the mountain of food that was set in front of me (and of course, the mandatory side of parmesan that I took full advantage of).

Pricing wise, the restaurant is rated at ££-£££. My Lobster meal was €18 (for half a Lobster) and the Tagliatelle al tartufo was €14. If the weather was better, I definitely would’ve grabbed one of their outside tables; this restaurant is perfect for people watching due to the lively location and streams of people heading to and away from the Pantheon. All in all, the restaurant was warm, cosy and felt very homely.

My food was amazing (I tried the black truffle Tagliatelle also, which was great) and the waiting staff were super friendly and attentive, which I’ve noticed is a common aspect to the Italian restaurant business. There were many veggie-friendly options on the menu and I literally didn’t have a thing to complain about. When we called for the cheque, we were given small glasses of complimentary Limoncello (soo good)- and with the combination of that and my several glasses of champagne, I left the restaurant fully energised and in a great mood.

If you ever find yourself at the Pantheon and in dire need of a generous meal and glass of wine or champagne, be sure to check out the Pummarola Drink Ristorante (which is a 5 min walk away) for great service and even greater food!

Alexandria is a twenty year old student, living and studying in the bustling city of London. When she's not studying; you're sure to find her travelling, writing, discovering new cuisines & dancing the night away.

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