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Santa Clotilde Botanical Garden- Lloret De Mar, Spain

If you’re a nature or botanics lover, or just love spending time amongst nature- the Santa Clotilde Botanical Garden in Lloret De Mar, Spain is the place to be. I’ve been to other Botanical Gardens before, but almost all of them were much smaller in comparison to this grand location. Santa Clotilde isn’t just a collection of beautiful plants and scenery, but a nature sanctuary filled with stunning views, and mazes of the tallest trees, and shiny sculptures.

Santa Clotilde isn’t exactly the place that you would accidentally stumble across on your travels across Spain, but it is definitely somewhere that any local could direct you towards. If you plan on going, be sure to pack water and maybe a snack as time seems to fly past when you’re there; it would take you at least an hour to get around the whole garden, and that’s only if you’re continuously walking and not stopping to take in the sights, or take pictures.

I personally spent around two to three hours there, just sitting around and enjoying the natural surroundings that I don’t see all too much in London. Santa Clotilde could also be the perfect place to take a significant other as a romantic day trip (particularly one area where you can see the ocean through the trees).

Here are a few pictures that I took during my trip…

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