When I reflect on my 2018, I can’t believe that in a short 365 days I wen’t from the person I was in January to the person I am today. Not only did my life drastically change in all aspects this year, but I changed and became a person I never saw myself becoming- in a good way of course. 2018 sure was a rollercoaster of events and emotions, but it allowed me to develop an inner strength that I never believed I had. This year made me realise, I’m strong as hell.

I also learned a heap of life lessons this year, and really began to understand myself. Whilst I’m only nineteen, I’m definitely an old soul and I take things seriously rather than embracing the young-childlike freedom I still have at my age; this is definitely something I need to work on.

Here are the goals, dreams and aspirations I have for 2019

To grow my blog

I know, I know- I’ll probably be cursed by a lot of blogging professionals, for not setting clear targets with clear numbers I’d like to see in the stats for my blog. But I know what’s best for me. I simply hope to grow my blog- whether that’s by a lot or a little because I’ll be happy either way. I didn’t create this blog with hopes that it would one day become my career or main source of income- I created it because I love to write, take photographs, and share my experiences with others. I created it because I love life and wanted a place where I could document all of my memories to look back on. Of course it’s nice to gain more readers, but I won’t allow myself to obsess over numbers to the point where this is no longer fun, or an outlet for my creativity.

To become a pro at vegetarian cooking

Okay, maybe becoming a pro is a little ambitious, but next year I definitely hope to develop my veggie chef skills. Ever since I gave up eating meat, I’ve had to become a little more creative and healthier with my food choices. It was only this year that I learned how to really cook for myself (and by that I mean not putting frozen stuff in the oven, which I mastered during my first year at university).

To pass my second year at university

I take studies very seriously, almost too seriously to the point where I forget to enjoy my time at University. Of course I’m aiming for the highest honours on offer, but I often set the bar too high for myself and I’m too harsh on myself when I don’t reach my own crazy standards. This year, I’m aiming to pass- I know I will, so I can’t be disappointed with myself if I get anything higher that that (which I will).

To spend more time with others

This one may seem a bit weird, but something to note about me is that I’m extremely independent- almost to the point where it’s a bad thing. I love being left alone, I love being single, I love taking time to focus on myself and my own wellbeing, I love my own company. Whilst these things are all great in small dosages, I feel as though I’m missing the point of life by not interacting with others as often as I should. Next year, I hope to step outside of my introverted bubble a bit more, and spend more time with others.

To focus on my spirituality

2018 was the best year of my life in terms of my spiritual health and wellbeing. I met new people who encouraged me on my journey, and helped me to embrace a side of me that I always kept hidden. I began to see the world in a whole new light and really figured out a part of myself. I also realised that It’s okay to not always know who I am, because who I am is constantly changing and evolving.

To travel, of course

Each year brings along a new adventure, and I can only hope that in 2019 I get to discover more cities on my bucket list, and create more travel memories. I won’t say which destinations I’m dying to visit the most, (because it usually don’t end up going there) but I will speak into the universe, that I hope to go on at least one trip abroad- hopefully two.

Whether this is your first time reading my blog, or you were here from the get-go- thank you for your support and for allowing me to share my experiences with you, and complain online as if this were my diary ♡

Posted by:Alexandria

Alexandria is a nineteen year old student, living and studying in the bustling city of London. When she's not studying; you're sure to find her travelling, writing, discovering new cuisines & dancing the night away.

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