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The Most Beautiful Ceiling Art In Rome, Italy (You’re Welcome)

Whilst most people in my personal life are absolutely sick of me talking about my trip to Italy- I luckily get to turn to my blog, to continue raving on about it for another week or so.

My original plan was to write about my visit to the Vatican Musem- however, when I went to view the photographs I’d taken there, I realised over 80% of them were of ceiling art alone; thus leading to me here, to create a blog post on ceiling art entirely (because who doesn’t love ceiling art)… I’ve said ceiling art quite a lot there.

The Vatican museum is the place to be if you’re an art lover, or just love to look at beautiful interior. Not only is it jam-packed full of Italian, Greek and Egyptian artwork, but the building itself is a masterpiece- and clearly, that’s what I was most taken with.

At the Vatican, you’ll find the works of Michelangelo, Raffaello, Da Vinci, Botticelli and of course, Caravaggio. The museum is huge, and whilst I spent a whole day there, I still don’t believe I saw everything (which only means I’ll have to return, which I’m not mad about). If you’re ever on a hunt for beautiful art, the ceiling art in the Sistine chapel (also pained by Michelangelo) is stunning- however, you aren’t allowed to take photographs.

Here are a few pictures that I captured of the Ceiling art in the Vatican…

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