I don’t know about you, but when I think of romantic jewellery I instantly think Rose Gold… well, when I think of jewellery in general I think Rose Gold- it’s a bit of an obsession. Rose gold definitely represents the pretty, sparkling, romantic aspect of gift giving, and it’s no secret amongst my friends and family that I’d choose Rose Gold accessories over any other.

Some could say that Rose Gold is an acquired taste, considering most prefer the classic gold or silver. However, I think Rose Gold jewellery is the perfect choice as it not only looks great with any design but against every skin tone. If you’re looking for a sparkling Rose Gold piece for a little February treat for yourself or others, here’s a quick guide to my favourite Rose Gold Pieces.

My Rose Gold table mirror is something I was gifted a year ago, and something I use and admire on a daily basis. A table mirror is something that is openly present on ones table 24/7 and should therefore be something that stands out… right? This mirror is almost identical to the one that sits front and centre on my makeup table, and is definitely something practical that any Rose Gold lover would appreciate! Shop Here

Not only are these Zoeva makeup brushes excellent quality but they look amazing sitting in a jar on any makeup table. These brushes are definitely a staple in my makeup collection and are something I use excessively. But I have to admit, I used the makeup bag that comes with the brushes twice as much- to the point where the zip is half broken. This is the perfect gift for any beauty and cosmetics lover and for your aesthetics loving companion. Shop Here

You wouldn’t even know that my geometric rose gold fairy lights were actually lights considering I rarely turn them on, but only because they look just as pretty hanging from my shelves. This is the perfect bedroom or office decoration and a brighten up the dullest of shelves that are holding the most boring folders and files. It also makes a pretty cute Valentine’s Day decoration for a stay at home date night. Shop Here

Your interior design loving companion would love a Rose Gold touch to their bedroom or office in the form of this picture display/ wall organiser. This display comes with five Rose Gold clips and four nails to help you keep it, and your pictures, up. If you’re striving for Pinterest worthy room design, this item is the perfect gift for yourself (or for others) to put you in that direction. Shop Here

The Nail Bracelet From Civion

‘The Nail’ bracelet from Civion Jewellery is one of my favourite, go-to Rose Gold pieces due to it’s classic subtlety and pretty shine. This is definitely the perfect piece for jewellery lovers, especially for those of you who aren’t too fond of huge, bold pieces; The Nail bracelet is just enough to catch people’s eye when it catches the light as you move around. Whilst the Rose Gold is my personal favourite, the bracelet also comes in the classic Gold and Silver. You can purchase the bracelet for £56.94, or use my discount code CITYGIRL25 for a 25% discount at checkout! (This discount code is also applicable to any other piece on their site). Shop Here

(The last recommendation is in collaboration with Civion Jewellery. All opinions are my own).

Posted by:Alexandria

Alexandria is a nineteen year old student, living and studying in the bustling city of London. When she's not studying; you're sure to find her travelling, writing, discovering new cuisines & dancing the night away.

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