How To Travel Sustainably

Every person, every community, every country and every organisation has a Carbon Footprint; whilst it’s large counties and organisations who are responsible for a large majority of issues surrounding pollution and global warming, it’s important that we all play our part to impact the world positively- no matter how small our actions are.

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Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Social Media Habits & Body Positivity

I’ve touched on the subject of body image, and how body positivity can turn sour before; since then, I’ve discovered a whole new aspect to social media, in which women support other women being put down on particular accounts in the name of body positivity. The accounts sole purpose are to ‘reveal the truth’ on celebrities and women, by posting their best pictures and their un-deited ‘worst’ pictures side by side, in order for other women in the comment section to ridicule them and subsequently feel better about themselves.

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