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How To Advance Your Personal & Professional Life This Summer

June through to September is often a time for reflection and of course relaxation. However, when you’re a student, prospective student or full time workaholic- this time of year can often become chaotic. With the academic year coming to an end, the following few months can be dedicated to making money and making memories. However, it’s crucial to use this time to organise the next stage of life before the chaos starts again.

Here’s how to use the summer season to bounce back & advance your personal & professional life.

You’re now halfway through the year. What were your January goals and New Year resolutions? How far have you gotten?

I hate to be the one to remind you, but June marks the sixth month and halfway point of the year. Chances are you’ve been super busy since January, and have completely neglected every resolution you set for yourself. It happens, but nows your chance to turn that around! Head to the gym. Go on that clean eating spree and yoga weekend you promised you’d try out. Spend more time with friends; summer is the best time to catch up and create lasting memories. Wake up earlier (it’s far easier to do when the sun rises at 6am). You said you’ve always wanted to go on a road trip… so do it! That midnight trip to the beach? Go, now!

Plan for the next academic year. Have you checked out the syllabus? Started on the reading list? Emptied your binders from last years classes?

Of course, don’t go throwing away books and papers that you’ll need in the future. But I can guarantee that you have a pile of papers and folders that you could’ve thrown out a long time ago. Empty out your folders that you could re-use in the upcoming year, or make sure it’s labelled so last year’s work doesn’t merge with this years work. Whilst you’re at it, why not give your entire personal space an overdue spring clean.

Get a head start on your reading list, and if there isn’t one, do a bit of research on the subjects you’ll be covering. It doesn’t have to be extensive and doesn’t have to feel like actual studying. All you’re doing is making sure future you already knows what’s going on during the first day of classes. If you’re a university student, there’s a good chance your autumn term assignments will already be online. Whats the harm in reading the briefs?

Planning and getting ahead is great, but don’t forget to catch up on the things you may have neglected.

If you’re prone to falling behind when life is hectic, utilise the next few months to catch up. There’s nothing wrong with prioritising when time is short, but that doesn’t mean total neglect is necessary. It’s just as important to catch up with people, hobbies or old passion when you have the time to do so. Whether that’s relationships, that book you said you’d read or that Netflix series you really wanted finish. Treat yourself, relax and enjoy life whilst you have the time to do so without without any guilt.

Network and gather experience in your dream field of work. Now’s the perfect time to gather work experience and make connections!

Hopefully, you’re no longer paying off the extensive student accomodation fees, meaning any money you’re currently making is for summer fun and savings (please don’t forget to save). Why not use this time to intern or gather work experience in your desired field? It’ll not only increase your knowledge in that area of work, but will look great on future job applications. Yes, a degree is great. But real, in-the-field experience can’t be beat.

Cleanse and destress. A year of work and/or academics can be draining and you’re only harming yourself by carrying anxieties into an additional year.

Summer is the perfect time destress and work on yourself. I don’t just mean in regards to skills and organisation, but as a form of self care. Nows the time to address any problems that brought on stress or anxiety during the past year. Dealing with issues as they come, rather than bottling them up and only addressing them when you’re at breaking point is healthy. It not only eases your mind, but eases the stress of day to day life so you don’t have to feel like everyday’s an uphill battle.

Alexandria is a twenty year old student, living and studying in the bustling city of London. When she's not studying; you're sure to find her travelling, writing, discovering new cuisines & dancing the night away.

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