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Virgo Season Horoscope- Sensibility, Practicality & Dedication

August through to September is a hectic period for many. With the return of the academic year and a working routine, we often feel a surge of energy and determination to get back to what we’re used to. The Sun has shifted from the energised and playful Leo to the structured and determined Virgo. Back to school shopping and cultivating a new wardrobe for the upcoming Autumn weather are just a couple of ways that you may already be channelling these Virgo energies.

Here’s how to use the current planetary positions to your advantage…

Sun In Virgo

The Sun transitioned into Virgo on the 23rd of August and will remain there until the 22nd of September. This is what you may have heard people referring to as Virgo Season. The Sun symbolically represents our ego. Paired with the organised and structured Virgo, this season exudes criticality and efficiency. You may have an increased sense of worry in the pursuit of perfectionism. Consistency is the theme for this upcoming season. Be sure to stick with your plans and refrain from being over critical of yourself or giving up prematurely.

Waning Cresent Moon In Cancer

A Moon in Cancer holds nurturing and emotional energies, meaning your sensitivity is likely to be more present than usual. Take this time to be protective of yourself, prioritising what’s good for you even if that requires solitude. Self care is often emphasised during Virgo season, and a waning crescent Moon in Cancer offers the chance to heal and connect with your soul. Be sure to rest & recuperate before the next lunar cycle begins.

Virgo tends to serve others more than oneself, similar to the mothering and care-giving nature of the Moon. Be wary of smothering those around you with your support and care. It’s likely that a sense of moodiness may come from not receiving those same energies in return.

Mars In Virgo

Mars in Virgo is determined yet impatient. It’s a great planetary position to start off Virgo season and the start of the new academic year. Use these Martian energies as an opportunity to push your working drive and get ahead on your plans and routines. It’s more common to become a workaholic during this period, dedicating more time and focus to your studies/work in order to get back on the right footing. Stay energised and motivated, plan in order to excel, and avoid criticising yourself over minor mishaps or flaws.

Venus In Virgo

Venus is positioned in Virgo, offering a chance for practical love, sensible romance and fertility. The selection of partners is often more selective during this period, therefore making relationships more sensible with standards set high. The most applicable act of love during this period would be acts of service. During this time, it becomes easier to become pessimistic by paying closer attention to your significant others flaws. Be wary of this, and in turn focus on the bigger picture instead of smaller attributes. Being overly-critical could subconsciously dent the relationship.

Mercury In Leo

Mercury governs the mind, communication and intellect. When Mercury resides in the flamboyant, fiery Leo, we find ourselves communicating fiercely from the heart. We may communicate loudly and more clearly than usual with a tendency to be direct and expressive. Due to Leo’s high impact nature, there’s a tendency to say too much during this period. Perhaps something that was on your mind for a while or something you were biting your tongue on. To channel this vibrant Mercurian energy, own your enthusiasm and charm and you may see things turning in your favour. However, there may be a tendency to come across as too authoritative during this period.

Alexandria is a twenty year old student, living and studying in the bustling city of London. When she's not studying; you're sure to find her travelling, writing, discovering new cuisines & dancing the night away.

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