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Libra Season Horoscope- Autumn Equinox- Collaboration, Harmony & A Bold Aesthetic

Libra season has finally arrived, marking the beginning of the Autumn Equinox (the first day of fall). Libra is an air sign, and seventh in the zodiac, ruled by Venus. This season exudes sociability, collaboration and aesthetic perfection. The time for networking, romance and paying close attention to our image is among us. That means, choosing a pleasing-to-the-eye partner this cuffing season, and staying on trend with fall fashions.

Here’s how to use the current planetary positions to your advantage…

Sun In Libra ♎︎

The sun transitions into Libra on the 23rd September, remaining there until October 22nd. The transition from the focused and determined Virgo Sun to the vibrant and sociable Libra is one of pleasure and a push to our inner extrovert. Whilst there was an emphasis on solitude last month, the Libra sun encourages us to release our inner social butterflies. Libran’s are often people magnets and masters of flirtation, connection and collaboration. Being light-hearted with a fine taste in everything visually pleasing is in their nature. No matter what our sun signs are, we can all utilise these artistic energies this month to become more involved with those around us.

During the Autumn Equinox, the balance between sunlight and darkness shifts. Our daylight hours slowly begin to shorten whilst our night time grows. This emphasis on balance highlights the idea of partnership and collaboration, which are necessary when it comes to our relationships with others.

New Moon In Cancer ♋︎ transitioning to Full Moon in Aries ♈︎

The Moon moves quickly through the zodiac, spending only a few days in each sign. There are two significant lunar placements during Libra season. A New Moon in Cancer will appear on 28th September and a Full Moon in Aries on 0ctober 13th. The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, meaning this season the New Moon is in its natal positioning. However, this months full Moon takes residence in Aries, the opposite sign to the Moon’s natal positioning.

When situated in Cancer, the Moon exudes sensitivity and a mother-like sense of nurturing. During this time, we may feel emotions and feelings in immense depth. We are more inclined to respond and react to others in a highly emotional way. We yearn to be nurtured and may be keen on doing the same for others. Simultaneously, the urge to retreat or become defensive is heightened if we aren’t receiving such care, or feel hurt. The Moon in Cancer is delicate, imaginative and creative. Utilising this time to focus on projects that require an open and expansive mind would be greatly rewarding during this time.

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the Moon’s transition into Aries…

In complete contrast, a Full Moon in Aries is bold, independent and assertive. In a whirlwind of Venusian and Arian energies, we shouldn’t hold back from being straight-forward with our romantic intensions. Our Cancer-fuelled response to react with sensitivity is traded for a need to react instinctively- yet still emotionally. Both Moon placements are greatly expressive, meaning there is still a risk of becoming defensive in our attempts to protect ourselves. A full Moon in Aries during Libra season encourages us to be confident and courageous. Libra season definitely kicks up during its second half. It’s certainly not the time to sit back and relax, but the perfect time to re-energise ourselves and reach out for our greatest social, and sensual desires.

Along with the two big lunar events this month, Libra season will be a heavy shift in energy, bringing with it a reality check and the opportunity to transform yourself.

Mars In Virgo ♍︎ transitioning to Mars In Libra ♎︎

After spending a large portion of Virgo Season in Virgo, Mars enters Libra on October 4th (a horoscope for this planetary positioning can be viewed here). When Mars shifts into Libra, it’s opposite it’s natal positioning in Aries. Whilst Martian energy typically exudes passion and drive with an impulsive and dominating nature, Mars in Libra is patient and diplomatic. Calculated and passive. This could cause a strain on decision making in a bid to please the majority. This in turn, paired with an incessant need of finding balance and harmony, could provoke others who seek answers quickly.

This Libra season, there’s a focus on stability. We may get caught up trying to make the right decisions regarding our work and responsibilities, that we end up making the worst decision for us. Or worse, no decision at all. Avoid giving into urges to sacrifice your own ego for the satisfaction of others, and the urge to manipulate in order to see harmony.

Venus In Libra ♎︎ transitioning to Venus in Scorpio ♏︎

Venus rules our relationships- both platonic and romantic, as well as beauty, aesthetics, emotions, harmony and an artistic flair. We start off Libra season with Venus in its natal positioning, before transiting into the intuitive and intense Scorpio on 8th October. Venus in Libra offers the chance for an attractive romance. It’s dynamic, romantic and definitely aesthetically pleasing. When Venus is in its natal Libra, it’s just as important for relationships to feel good for you, as it is for it to look good to others. The most applicable love language for this season would be receiving gifts. This is not so much about materialism, but a tangible display of love that is sure to have everyone in awe.

As Venus transitions and enters Scorpio, the Venusian energies shift from calm, overt romance to inquisitive and addictive love. Venus in Scorpio brings along opportunities for a passionate, consuming love of the body, mind and soul, that can often cause us to act out. It’s likely that you or your partner (with both platonic and romantic relationships) may become more secretive during this time. Problems and insecurities that already had an underlying presence will be brought forwards with full intensity. This period could be challenging, but it should be viewed as an opportunity for growth, transformation and a reality check..

Mercury in Libra ♎︎ transitioning to Mercury in Scorpio ♏︎

Mercury governs the mind, communication and intellect, and when it resides in Libra, communication is polite and charming. The Libran energies encourage us to be more tolerant with others. Our patience and ability to problem solve is heightened. Examples of this increased tolerance can be seen in the form of processing our emotions. We may take more time to consider how we’re feeling before expressing ourselves in order to maintain harmony. This is a time for open-mindedness. With Mercury in Libra, communication between partners, friends and colleagues is often passive and stable. This is an opportunity to build bridges and have tough conversations, as the probability of a positive outcome is increased.

When Mercury leaves Libra and transitions into Scorpio on October 3rd, communication centres around expressing emotions in a direct and uncompromising way. In contrast to the harmonising Libra, Mercury in Scorpio isn’t so stable- there is greater chance for verbal conflict, and disagreements. During this time, sensitivity, directness and brutal honesty are key themes. Your tongue may become as sharp as your intuition. However, Scorpio is very inquisitive, meaning there will be an increase in your curiosity regarding intellect and the minds of others. To channel this Mercurian energy, it’s important to trust your gut feeling due to Scorpio’s heightened intuition and deep emotional intellect. Be sincere with your straightforwardness. Be logical and precise.

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