The short answer to ‘what is The City Girls Club‘, is that it is a lifestyle blog in which the author shares her experiences and advice, in order to help young, modern beings survive in an upbeat city- but it’s also so much more than this. 

The City Girls Club is a blog which advises young women on how to navigate though hectic city life, whilst learning to be the best version of themselves; something that may sound very simple, but isn’t so easy in practice. A City Girl’s Club woman has; confidence, passion, ambition, intelligence and elegance. She’s learning where the eat, where to travel, where to shop, explore, stay and what to know. She takes care of herself, those around her, and those who’s voices aren’t being heard; she’s becoming an advocate– politically, socially and ethically aware in a world in dire need of more compassionate and levelheaded people. But most importantly she’s growing. The City Girls Club isn’t about already being the perfect, confident, strong woman- but the journey of becoming the most perfect, confident and strong women that you can be. 


I was lucky enough to to be born and raised in London- one of the worlds most famous, diverse and beautiful cities. However, as I grew up I always knew that there was more I needed to see, experience and learn. Travelling is one of my greatest passions, and being the only child of two travel obsessed parents has allowed me to explore over 40 cities in my short nineteen years. A year ago when I was thrown into the adult world, I realised I lived in a world that’s determined to keep me, and women in general, in a cage. I started to feel as though my options were either limited or decided for me, when all I wanted to do was try, experience and learn everything I possibly could. This prompted me to re-descovered my passion for writing, and turn my old blogging hobby into The City Girls Club- a place where I can personally encourage other young women to grow and be the best version of themselves, rather than a person that the world wants them to be. 

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