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Feminism is a political movement that is essential for the development & future of the world. With society regressing, we ought to fight back harder for everyone on Earth to share the same human rights.

Our Feminism posts are created to aid you in developing your understanding of intersectionality, assist you in identifying misogyny and patriarchy in your own life and to discuss equality (or lack of) in pop-culture and modern media.

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The world runs on politics so it would make sense for everyone to have an understanding of it & general idea of what’s going on, right? Unfortunately that’s not the case, but our politics blog posts are here to help.

But of course, we’re often ignorant to the political issues that occur beyond the the western world & we’re here to educate & encourage discussion about the part that westerners play in the destruction of other societies.

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With disastrous consequences of Global Warming already becoming prevalent, it’s important now more than ever to gain an understanding of environmentalism & sustainability. It’s the duty of every individual and corporation to be educated & compassionate towards the Earth we live on & the beings that we share it with. We’re here to help you find ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into your everyday lives.