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The Dream 2019 Mediterranean Wedding Location- Paphos, Cyprus

This summer, I spent a fortnight in Paphos, Cyprus in the vibrant Aliathon Aegean holiday village. This hotel was not

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50 Things To Do In London- The Ultimate Travel To-Do List

Considering the fact that I was born in London and have lived there my entire life, it would be reasonable

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The Grand Hotel Ritz Rome, Italy- A Luxury Hotel Review

The Hotel Ritz has been a symbol of luxury and high society, ever since the hotel chain's establishment in the

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The Best Beaches In Cape Verde

I haven't yet discussed my trip to Cape Verde (or Cabo Verde, whichever you prefer) in detail, but only because

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Osteria Della Vite – Rome, Italy (The Best Pasta You’ll Ever Have) ★★★★★

I touched briefly on my dining experience at Osteria Della Vite in my Ciao Roma- Food, Fashion & Fabulous Architecture In The Heart Of Italy post. However, the restaurant was

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Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Social Media Habits & Body Positivity

I’ve touched on the subject of body image, and how body positivity can turn sour before; since then, I’ve discovered a whole new aspect to social media, in which women support other women being put down on particular accounts in the name of body positivity. The accounts sole purpose are to ‘reveal the truth’ on celebrities and women, by posting their best pictures and their un-deited ‘worst’ pictures side by side, in order for other women in the comment section to ridicule them and subsequently feel better about themselves.

What Should A Feminist Look Like?- Here’s What I Learned At A Women’s Leadership Conference

Last week, I got to attend a great women’s leadership conference in which I got to meet many students who were passionate about feminist issues, and external speakers like Helen Pankhurst- granddaughter & great-granddaughter of Sylvia and Emmeline Pankhurst, noteworthy members of the British Suffragette movement. Whilst I definitely enjoyed the event and left feeling inspired and motivated to promote

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Many people seem to have the idea that Valentine’s Day is a holiday, reserved only for those who are loved up- my thoughts? Loving yourself on Valentine’s Day is of equal importance (or maybe a little bit more). As singletons, we’ve been conditioned to sit on our lonesome, watching chick-flicks and sobbing over the romantically staged images we see across