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How To Utilise The Lunar Cycle To Enhance Productivity

The term Lunar cycle refers to the twenty nine days that it takes for the Moon to orbit the Earth. Every Lunar cycle can be broken down into eight different moon phases, which each hold meaning and significance regarding our behaviour, and our ability to problem solve and get things done. These eight Moon phases …


Female Nudity: A Symbol Of Oppression Or Empowerment?

The argument of Oppression vs. Empowerment has been around now more so than ever, as many have opposed the modern form of women’s liberation in which women simply don’t give an f about what others think, and do as they please. This week, the debate sprung up again when Rapper Cardi B released her latest …

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Osteria Della Vite – Possibly The Best Pasta You’ll Have In Rome, Italy ★★★★★

I touched briefly on my dining experience at Osteria Della Vite in my Ciao Roma- Food, Fashion & Fabulous Architecture In The Heart Of Italy post. However, the restaurant was so great I feel as though it deserves it’s own post and full review! Osteria Della Vite was the first restaurant I ate in, in Rome- and I will admit, as a carb addict, my …

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These Five Things Will Improve All Of Your Relationships…

If you’ve never heard of the term love languages, I assure you it’s not pointless or as difficult to understand as one might think (it’s what I initially thought, don’t worry). In fact, it’s rather straight forward; you probably already know what your love language is without being aware- however, developing an understanding of them …

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Cyntoia Brown Has Been Granted Clemency- But What Has This Taught Us About The Judicial System?

In case you aren’t up-to date with the case of Cyntoia Brown, her story exposes the alarming reality that women, particularly black women, face at the hands of the judicial system. Her case sparked outrage across the world, and highlighted the significance of the #metoo and #blacklivesmatter movements, with people using social media platforms to plea for her freedom.

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Lets Talk About Dieting (And How It’s Really Not All Bad)

It was recently brought to my attention that I view dieting in a completely different way to just about anyone else in my life; I’d always been told that diet is a bad word and a bad practice. Of course around this time of year, you tend to see more people signing up for gym …

Italy Travel

How I Travelled Around Rome Without Waiting In Any Queues Or Paying Entrance Fees

Rome is known for being a city with a ton of stuff to do, so you could imagine my panic when creating a sight-seeing plan for a short five day stay in the Italian capital. Thankfully, with smart planning and a small investment at the start of the trip- my family and I were able …

Italy Travel

Ciao Roma- Food, Fashion & Fabulous Architecture in the Heart Of Italy

Before I even touched down in Rome, I already knew I was going to love the city. Scratch that, I was already in love with the city- Italy is home to all the things I love the most; food, fashion and fabulous architecture. But of course, Rome didn’t disappoint and upon my first day in the city and my first Pappardelle lunch, I just knew this was a place I was destined to see.

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Here’s Why Young Women Should Be Travelling More

Travelling is a part of life that many people dream of experiencing one day. However, it’s continuously depicted as either something unattainable for anyone in their youth, that requires bucket-loads of money, or something you can only do once you’ve retired and don’t have much else on your to-do list.

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