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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Many people seem to have the idea that Valentine’s Day is a holiday, reserved only for those who are loved up- my thoughts? Loving yourself on Valentine’s Day is of equal importance (or maybe a little bit more). As singletons, we’ve been conditioned to sit on our lonesome, watching chick-flicks and sobbing over the romantically …

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Osteria Della Vite – Possibly The Best Pasta You’ll Have In Rome, Italy ★★★★★

I touched briefly on my dining experience at Osteria Della Vite in my Ciao Roma- Food, Fashion & Fabulous Architecture In The Heart Of Italy post. However, the restaurant was so great I feel as though it deserves it’s own post and full review! Osteria Della Vite was the first restaurant I ate in, in Rome- and I will admit, as a carb addict, my …

Italy Travel

Ciao Roma- Food, Fashion & Fabulous Architecture in the Heart Of Italy

Before I even touched down in Rome, I already knew I was going to love the city. Scratch that, I was already in love with the city- Italy is home to all the things I love the most; food, fashion and fabulous architecture. But of course, Rome didn’t disappoint and upon my first day in the city and my first Pappardelle lunch, I just knew this was a place I was destined to see.