The Ritz, Rome- A Luxury Hotel Review ★★★☆☆

The Hotel Ritz is a hotel chain known by many, particularly amongst travellers and those who are fans of luxury and high society. However, my stay at the Grand Hotel Ritz Roma only reminded me that a grand price tag and reputation, doesn’t always equal a grand service.

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Osteria Della Vite – Possibly The Best Pasta You’ll Have In Rome, Italy ★★★★★

I touched briefly on my dining experience at Osteria Della Vite in my Ciao Roma- Food, Fashion & Fabulous Architecture In The Heart Of Italy post- however, the restaurant was so great I feel as though it deserves it’s own post and full review! Osteria Della Vite was the first restaurant I ate in, in Rome- and I will admit, as a carb addict, my…

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☆ Merry Christmas! ☆

Merry Christmas! I know, I know, I’m two days late- but with good reason. My holiday season has been hectic this year! I celebrated Christmas at university with my flatmates, before moving back home in time to go abroad to Italy with my family. We returned to London on Christmas Eve with just enough time…

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